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Galvanized Chain Link Fence

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We regularly stock 2" mesh, which represents the size of the diamond design in the wire. This is what most people think of when they picture a typical chain link fence.

We carry 9 gage and 11 gage wire, which denotes the thickness of the wire. The standard thickness is 9 gage, whereas 11 gage is lighter and most commonly used for temporary fence applications.

On any given day, we have galvanized chain link fence available in 50' rolls of the following heights: 4', 5', 6', and 8'

Available Upon Request

We are happy to accommodate any request you may have. Don't hesitate to ask!

We are most commonly asked to bring in 1" anti-climb mesh, and heavier 6 gage wire typically installed at schools.


Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence

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Vinyl coated chain link fence comes in a variety of colors, whereas galvanized chain link fence is strictly the silver galvanized color. We regularly stock green wire, but are happy to order any color you'd like.

Vinyl coated mesh differs from galvanized mesh in a couple of ways. There are two ways that the coating can be applied to the wire (extruded or fused & bonded), and there are two dimensions when referring to the gage of the wire (core gage and finished gage). 

With the extruded application, the vinyl coating is wrapped around the wire, whereas the fused & bonded application fuses the vinyl coating directly to the wire. Fused & bonded wire may cost more than extruded, but it's more commonly used in commercial applications. Cracking or peeling are less likely with fused & bonded wire. 

When ordering vinyl coated chain link fence, be cognizant of which core gage or finished gage you're looking for, and specify when placing your order. 

On any given day, we have vinyl coated chain link fence available in 50' rolls of the following heights: 4', 5', and 6'. This wire is 2" x 9 gage finish (13 gage core) in green.

Chain Link Inserts & Add-ons

Top Lock Slats


Top Lock Slats are the most inexpensive option when it comes to adding privacy to your chain link fence. They get their name from the horizontal locking strip that keeps the vertical slats locked in place. They are sold based on height in bags covering 10 linear feet.

Winged Slats


Winged Slats offer more privacy than Top Lock Slats due to the fringe along the edges.  They are sold based on height in bags covering 10 linear feet. 



Permahedge offers the most privacy.  

They are sold based on height in boxes covering 10 linear feet. 



Windscreen is sold with or without grommets in 50' panels or 150' rolls. Windscreen is also available in fire retardant. Ask us about logos and printing!